PHASE II - Drilling & Property - $16,500

$8,478 of $16,500 dollars

Still left to raise: $ 8,022


About This Project

Salinas Grande's water system is failing fast and currently provides only two hours of water every other day to more than 2,000 residents. The Pacific Ocean provides a beautiful backdrop to this collection of villages, but also introduces a whole host of challenges in finding a solution.

Join us in walking with the people of Salinas Grande to foster community ownership and create a sustainable water solution - together!


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About The Drilling & Property Phase

Members of Salinas Grande have stepped up and taken leadership roles to serve their neighbors. Now it’s time to take steps toward finding that water.
Being located along the Pacific coast of Nicaragua makes Salinas perfect for fishing and salt harvesting, but for accessing fresh water. The current water system is underdeveloped and failing fast, supplying water for 2 hours, every other day.
Phase Two is about locating a clean, abundant water source, purchasing the necessary land, and then drilling the 200-300 feet necessary to access it.


The Phase Breakdown

PHASE I - $34,000 FUNDED!
PHASE II - $16,500 - Now Funding ($1 for $1 MATCH IN EFFECT! )
PHASE III - $18,500
PHASE IV - $48,000
PHASE V - $58,000
Total - $175,000

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Phase II Transparency Notes

There's a lot more happening in this phase than just drilling and purchasing property. The money raised here also covers fees associated with the property search and legal fees, the groundwater studies, and our staff's time coordinating all that work.