$159,785 of $175,000 dollars

Still left to raise: $ 15,215


About This Project

Salinas Grande's water system is failing fast and currently provides only two hours of water every other day to more than 2,000 residents. The Pacific Ocean provides a beautiful backdrop to this collection of villages, but also introduces a whole host of challenges in finding a solution.

Join us in walking with the people of Salinas Grande to foster community ownership and create a sustainable water solution - together!


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The Phase Breakdown

PHASE I - $34,000 FUNDED!
PHASE II - $16,500 FUNDED!
PHASE IV - $48,000 FUNDED!
Total - $175,000

About Phase V - The Pipeworks

Despite its place at the end of the Campaign, the pipeworks phase will likely need to begin early in the process. It depends on a number of dynamic factors, but one thing is for sure - the pipeworks will certainly be the most grueling phase. The citizens of Salinas Grande will spend months breaking through the dry and rocky earth to lay their water pipes. 

You may be thinking, "$58,000! Whoa! That's a ton for just a bunch of pipe!" And you'd be right. This phase includes way more than just the pipe. Our Water & Sanitation staff is the most expensive part of the whole operation. 

This is the part of our work where sustainability becomes possible. The Social-Engineering, which involve guys like Jose Perez (Chino) and Wilfredo Ramirez (Shanghai). These guys and their team will give most of the next two years to making this happen.  

This phase also includes all of the valves, fittings, digging tools, and meters needed to connect the entire community to the water supply. 


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Phase V Transparency Notes

As with every other phase, a big part of the Pipeworks costs come from the long term investment of our staff's time wallking alongside the community. We'll be there with Salinas Grande to manage logistical elements, purchase and hauling in building materials, and whatever else it takes to bring this project to life!