$87,540 of $135,000 dollars

Still left to raise: $ 47,460

The List 2017 from Bradford T Productions on Vimeo.


About The List Campaign

The List Campaign is SuNica's Christmas wish list, and this year what we want more than anything is to build 135 modern bathrooms for El Porvenir. We think God has some amazing stuff in store for these folks, and our number one priority is getting their health up to snuff. The flush toilet revolutionized public health in the developed world, and it'll do the same for El Porvenir. Couple that with a previously completed SuNica project that pipes clean water to the entire community, and this project will drastically reduce disease, parasites, and diarrhea.


Bathrooms Funded


El Porvenir will miss the full benefit of clean water without modern bathrooms. Pit latrines allow flies to spread germs. And good hygiene is near impossible without a decent place to go and wash up afterwards.


SuNica will help 135 families build a modern bathroom for their homes, with a sink, flush toilet, and shower.