Would You Die For It?

Nine years ago this week, I lost a roomate and a great friend to an IED explosion somewhere north of Fallujah in Iraq. 

About 10 months before this, I stood at ground zero with this friend. He had recently finished a 4 year committment with the US Marines. That day, he told me he was going back. The gravity of that deep hole in the ground moved him, and he reenlisted in full knowlege of the danger to come. 

No matter where you stand on the Iraq war, it's inspiring that my friend was willing to die in order to fight injustice in the world. It was about this time I felt God pushing me to go do something in a far away place. My friend's death ignited something in me. He had risked his life fighting for something he believed was worth it, and in the end, he died for it. I realized that if my faith in Christ was real, I'd better devote my life to fighting against what I believe Jesus would call injustice. I left my job about a year later to go live on mission in Nicaragua. That year led to the founding of this organization we call SuNica. 

This week, we launched a campaign called Turn On the Water that will provide clean water for 110 families in a rural village called El Porvenir in NW Nicaragua.  Without the example lived out by my friend, I may not be here telling you about it. 

I haven't forgotten you Sergeant Mark Phillip Adams.  Your sacrifice inspired me and countless others. 

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