To Have a Well

El Porvenir has a well! 

Above is a picture of the Amigos for Christ crew casing the borehole at our project in El Porvenir. We've still got quite a ways to go, but a major milestone has been reached! Our local water guru Andrew from Nuevas Esperanzas spent 6 hours testing the borehole last week.

The verdict: The water flows freely and without contamination!

This is huge news and we'll have more info in our September newsletter. We do want to share with you now a blog from our partner organization in the El Porvenir project, "Why a Well is Not Enough." Let it be clear that when they say, "A Well", they are referrring to a hand-pumped well, not a full on water system. There are some places in the world, where a single hand-pumped well is the best and perhaps the only practical solution. This is not the case in most of the areas where SuNica and Amigos work. You should check out the article for a little more insight into what we mean.

Read the full Amigos for Christ article here.

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