The Storied Man

Because pictures take the place of a thousand words, we invested in a part-time photagrapher. The Nikon DSLR camera of Edgard Buenas captures hi-definition images of SuNica action all the week long. We're used to seeing good shots come through the wire, but every now and then, one of them strikes me.

This is one of those images. We'll call it "Storied Man". 

What we know about Storied Man: He has three daughters who live in El Porvenir, where SuNica is aiding and abetting a clean-water project for 110 families.  He himself lives in a neighboring community, but frequently visits to help his daughters with typical household issues.  We know he was committed to helping his daughters get clean water before SuNica ever showed up in El Porvenir.  He's a nice man and very open to discussing things. He has a positive spirit about him and is excited about the impending water project. 

What we can assume: He's worked his rear-end off in the agricultural realm - probably in sugar cane. His weathered arms and face prove it. He probably has some degree of the dreaded Chronic Kidney Disease or (CKDu) "Creatinina" due to insufficient hydration and exposure to toxins. He's in shape for an old-timer which means he still works hard. A guy like this, given a dash of opportunity, would wow us with accomplishment.

What we want to know: Did you fight in the Revolution? For which side?  What are your hopes and dreams? What are your thoughts on God, Jesus, and the virgin Mary? If you could change anything about your country, what would it be?

SuNica volunteer and long time friend, Darwing Amador, is currently studying journalism in a local university in Leon, Nicaragua. His education is partly sponsored by SuNica, so we've put him on the job. Look for a blog in the next couple of weeks featuring a "Paul Harvey Style" rest of the story.



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