Whatever It Takes - Part Deux


In our previous blog update, we were working hard to acquire the land needed for our water project in El Porvenir. Since that post, our land-owner from El Salvador (herein referred to as El Salvador) flip-flopped and decided he wanted to get paid to cooperate in releasing ownership of this piece of land. Remember that he was morally (and legally) obligated to give over this land without payment of money. As unexpected as his change of mind was, we're used to things not going according to plan in Nicaragua.

Upon hearing this news, SuNica met with our friendly local government representative as well as El Porvenir's community led water committee (the CAPS). We learned that El Salvador had installed at least one irrigation well without the proper consent from the local government. These wells had caused El Porvenir's shallow and contaminated wells to dry up even faster during the most recent dry season. The CAPS filed two official complaints with City Hall, which has jurisdiction over these sorts of things. City Hall in turn issued El Salvador two notifications, a notification being exactly what it sounds like (ie: a notification that you have misbehaved). We heard that a business will be fined after the third strike. It's just like baseball and parenting. We (SuNica) had a bunch of our friends pray that El Salvador would cooperate. Within just a few days, we received a phone call and, wouldn't you know; El Salvador relented. He not only decided to cooperate with handing over the piece of land, but he's also going to help pay for an electrical transformer and the power lines to bring electricity to the parcel.

We'd like to give credit to our CAPS for taking action to let their bigger, wealthier neighbor know that they are willing to stand up for themselves and for SuNica. We're also going to give credit to the Lord Almighty because it's kind of inexplicable that the change of heart was quite as extreme as it was.  

The moral of the story: Pray. And then do something.


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