Core Values Series: Excellence

Our third core value is excellence, an attribute that is thrown around often and inaccurately in the non-profit world. 

 Excellence in our field of work is incredibly hard to define. If an organization feeds 100,000 people, some might praise that effort as excellent.  Wow! 100,000 people were fed.  But what if those people got used to being fed and lost all ability to provide for themselves. Then, you've got 100,000 helpless bodies that are conditioned to drain an economy rather than contribute to it. All of the sudden, 100,000 people fed loses its luster. 

In a healthy economy, good products thrive, while bad ones die. It sounds brutal, but it's really not if you think about it. The people who make the bad products eventually go on to work for the people who make the good products. Or they go back to the drawing board and try to make a better product. It's really a beautiful system.   


The non-profit world doesn't work this way, though. Ultimately, the invisible hand of Karl Marx doesn't penetrate the non-profit sector. A bad non-profit can continue on in its futility with the support of one rich idiot or perhaps a government grant (which may share the attributes of one rich idiot). Its existence is not necessarily a result of its excellence.


This is why SuNica values doing things well.  We live in a sector that all too often gets a pass. We have to hold ourselves to a higher standard.  A standard that says, make the impact that matters or get out of the way.  


You see, a non-profit's job should always be to serve areas in the world in which some external factor is inhibiting people's participation in a beautiful and healthy global economy, which was God's intention in the first place.  We, as a non-profit, need to be experts in moving people into a position to Thrive. The mark of a good non-profit is the frequency and constancy at which it lifts folks up into that ever flowing stream of global economy.  


SuNica's official launch was September 2013, which means there is now a proverbial clock ticking. That clock is a feeling locked in our brains, compelling us to produce some great work quickly. By the grace of God, we will be guiding Nicaraguans into that ever flowing stream of global economy, thus changing their lives and the lives of their children. Forever. 


Now, that's Excellence. 

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