SuNica's Values (a four-part series)

Whenever you set out to do some good in the world, you're going to need help, and if anyone is going to help you, you'll need to share some common ground. That's where values come in.  
We were recently prodded by our dear friends at Angel Oak Creative to think through what it is that we value and put words to those things. Over the next four weeks, we're going to run a four part series on SuNica's values. What are they and why do we hold them so dearly?
SuNica's Values in order of rank.
1. Faith in Christ
2. Work Ethic
3. Excellence
4. Sustainability
You may be thinking that some of these aren’t original or that others are too off-the-wall. But, that’s what this whole blog series is about: unpacking the meaning behind each of these core values.
If you're not a Follower of Christ, this may not make sense to you, and I want to apologize up front. This is not an apology for placing our utmost value on faith in Christ; I'm only apologizing that this blog may not resonate with you. You're welcome to skip it and pick up with work ethic next week, but I hope you'll read on anyway.   
Back in 2006,  I quit my job, and sold my house and my car to volunteer in Nicaragua.  I wasn't motivated by work ethic, excellence or a love of sustainable work.  I was motivated by a love that had reached out to me when I was far from deserving of it.  I was motivated by a belief that looking after orphans, widows and all others who may be downtrodden was indeed love in it's purest form, as we read in James 1:27 and Isaiah 1:17.  Without this value, the next three wouldn't even be a blip on the radar. In fact, SuNica wouldn't exist without this value.  
To us, faith in Christ is the only sustainable springboard or motivator that can drive our action. If he’s at the center, we know our work is good. Our efforts in water and education come from this value and we believe are vital to showing the world the love of Christ. By meeting and addressing physical needs of those in poverty, we can also address their spiritual poverty.  
So, there it is. Faith. The center from which all our other core values originate. Stay tuned next week for some expounding on our 2nd value of Work Ethic.

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