It's not a secret

Su Nica. 

We've called this thing by that name since 2009.  The name can mean "Your Nicaragua" or "His Nicaragua" in spanish.  The dual meaning is appropriate in that we've attempted to live in two worlds for a long time.  I hesitate to say two worlds, because that's not really a fair statement.  This is one world that we all share and whether you're a Christian, a Jew, or an athiest, that is just the truth.  What I'm trying to articulate is that Su Nica was founded in such a way that people of little to no faith might feel as welcome participants in our efforts. 

Faith Based?

This is not to say that we are not a faith-based organization.  Su Nica was most definitely founded in response to the faith of it's founders.  That faith is in Jesus as the Messiah of Israel, God in the flesh, and Savior of the world.  THAT SAID, we have and always will be open to people of different faiths or of no faith being a part of what we do.  If anyone is on board with bringing clean water and education to Nicaragua, we invite you to help us in that end.  If we can together help Nicaraguans thrive, then let's do it.  The only thing that we ask, is that you don't be surprised when we give the glory to God, which is where we passionately believe it's due. 

" We've never lied about our faith, but Angel Oak urged us to stop trying so hard to please everyone and to just stand for what we believe.  We agree with that and here is an excerpt from their latest blog.  You can read the whole post by clicking HERE.

But the reason its founders, Alan and Josh, dropped their old jobs and committed their lives to serving Nicaragua has nothing really to do with water or education. It was the result of a calling. They both felt the Lord orienting their hearts to the land of lakes and volcanos. But they have debated how much they should position Su Nica as a Christian organization since they began a few years ago. Should they be as straightforward as saying their mission is to share Christ with Nicaraguans through meeting their physical needs?

In today’s world, a world defined by the bottom line, polarizing beliefs are not popular. People are sensitive about how their beliefs, no matter how central they are to them as a person, might clash with the status quo and…affect their bank accounts. As our team met with Alan, he decided he wasn’t going to let the fear of failure or the pressure of society compromise his faith.

It’s rare to see someone truly stand for something, much less something with the power to change lives. So, thank you Su Nica for inspiring us to be fearless in our own faith. "


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