Launchin Ain't Easy

Have you ever pushed yourself to new and uncharted territory?  

Perhaps you left a job, joined a campaign to fight an injustice, moved to a new place for someone you loved, or even loved someone through an unloveable situation.

My friends Josh & Betty are in that uncharted place.  I can't imagine packing up my family and moving them to a new world.  You've set years worth of roots in a great town like Raleigh, NC, you've got a 1 year old baby girl, really cool friends and family.  This is where they are. 

This is where SuNica is!  We're launching this baby into full time action and it's all for the mission.  We believe in an earth where the kingdom of heaven is in full effect.  For SuNica, that means people in Nicaragua thriving with clean & abundant water.  It means kids who don't have access to a good education, gaining that access!  It means kids with no positive role models having a big brother or big sister to look up to, to listen, and to offer a better and brighter path.

THIS IS SuNica, and this is why we're launching.  We hope you can make it out to our MidSummers Eve Launch party this weekend, because we need your support.  If you can help in some other way, hit us up at the contact page

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