Eagles don’t really have a lot of other birds around to tell them how badass they are. They’re known for their solitary behavior, but everyone seems to follow them. If an eagle had a twitter account, he wouldn’t ask you to follow it, but you would anyway. Even the US government puts the eagle on everything from the Dollar Bill to the Great Seal.  

I’m not saying that we don’t need a community of support around us. I am saying that whatever great thing that we’re called to always seems to start out feeling like we’re going at it alone. If you look for a dissenting voice. You’ll find it. An eagle doesn’t put his stuff out there and then wait to see who likes it and who doesn’t.

An eagle soars a lonely sky to eat snakes for dinner.  

Charity Water’s snake is dirty water.
Restore International’s is any injustice towards kids in Uganda and otherwise.  
SuNica’s snake is whatever is getting in the way of clean water, education, and making Disciples of Jesus in Nicaragua.

What snake are you crushing today? 

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