4 Things You Should Know About El Porvenir


Our In-Country Director Josh Pease lives full time in Nicaragua and put together a small list of things that he thinks you should know about El Porvenir.  Here they are, in no particular order.


1. The kids in El Porvenir love to play!!

The kids in El Porvenir are just that...kids. They love to play and learn like all kids do. Their favorite activities are playing soccer (futbol) and marbles. The average family has three children, but some have as many as nine in the same house. Through the 6th grade, the kids attend school within the community, where their parents can be involved.


2. El Porvenir is small and rural.

The El Porvenir community can be found in rural, northwest Nicaragua. Situated just 3.7 miles from the Pacific Coast, it sits among massive sugar cane plantations and banana groves. The 110 homes in the town are dispersed along a two mile stretch of dirt road that was once a railway used to transport goods from the city of Chinandega to the port city of Corinto.



3. The men and women of El Porvenir work hard.

Most of the men in El Porvenir work in the fields, harvesting sugar cane by cutting the stalks with machetes in Nicaragua’s blistering heat. Others work to harvest bananas and plantains. When the field work all but disappears in the rainy season, men will travel to the nearby cities to look for daily work just to get by. The women of El Porvenir trek to the river multiple times a week to do laundry for their families, when shallow wells dry up. It's a three hour ordeal just to do this simple chore. 



4. The homes in El Porvenir are built with lightweight materials.

The houses in El Porvenir are all open-air and typically made of lightweight tin and plastic. Most homes lack wood or concrete.  Of the 110 homes, 17 are built with recycled materials pulled from the local trash dump, including peanut sacks from a nearby plantation. At present, no homes in the village have running water.  



The families living in El Porvenir are similar to us in a lot of ways, but different in others. Their kids learn and play like ours.  They work hard like we do. They get involved in their children’s education.  Unfortunately, they face many challenges that we do not. The most pressing of these being water. In the US, access to clean, abundant water is a given. For the people of El Porvenir, clean water on tap will be the most amazing blessing like they've ever had.  You can make this happen by donating at TurnOnTheWater.org.












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