Reality & Hope

When we think about leaders, what do we think about? Good speeches, people on podiums, CEOs, and perhaps politicians. The world is littered with leaders. Not necessarily good leaders, but leaders nonetheless. In the long run, they'll be classified as a good or bad leader based on their accomplishments while in their position of leadership. If you're a leader, anywhere, and in any regard, there are two things you must dole out handily to your tribe to be successful.

Reality and Hope.

This is especially true in difficult times. As leaders, we should almost pray for hard times. In fact, the apostle Paul says in Romans 4 that we glory in our suffering because suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  If those hard times can produce hope in us, then by all means, it should produce hope in those that we lead.

A great article surfaced out of the Verge Network recently that put this sentiment quite well. Our job as leaders is to present a truthful assessment of the reality at hand, and then give hope. For our organization, the reality is that we have to raise $50,000 between October 14th and November 12th. Yikes!  That's about 3 times our largest fundraising effort to date.  It's a sum that is just big enough to be scary.  Maybe not for some people though, and if that's you, we're so glad you're reading this.

The hope, however, is enormous. If we can raise this money, there are 110 families in Nicaragua who'll not have to worry about getting sick when they get thirsty. The men of El Porvenir will be able to hydrate their bodies with clean water and perhaps not develop Chronic Kidney Disease as a result of working in extreme heat in a sugar cane plantation. This is the great hope that we get to be a part of.  

And beginning on October 14th, we hope you'll help us and the people of El Porvenir Turn On the Water!



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