US Ebola patients: Heroes or idiots?

Read an article by Ann Coulter who I don't at all follow, but someone shared it with me. You can read it here, but the gist of it was that Christians have no business out in the far reaches of the world in places where they can get hurt or contract something horrible like Ebola. She said that Christians should stay here, in the United States where there is plenty else to do.

But God actually calls people to go out into the world. He calls us "to the far reaches" in Matthew 28, and then he calls people uniquely and individually in pretty specific ways. My team in Nicaragua was called to be there. Some of them are Chileans, some Nicaraguans and even one Gringo from the United States of America.

The heartbeat of the gospel of Jesus has nothing to do with playing it safe in order to save your own self or country. I love my countrymen and very much care about their plight, but God called me to Nicaragua. 90% of my time outside of family is consumed by that. I'm quite certain that Jesus doesn't advocate for different nations looking out for their own good above all else.  

We're getting close to worshipping our country when we say that all of our creative capital and philanthropic energy should stay within our borders. We're talking about a God who subjected himself to our broken world only to hang on a cross for the liberation of the people he created. Not just Jews or the Israelites, but for everyone.


For another Christ follower's response to Coulter's article, which I liked, check out Al Mohler's take on the Christians who contracted Ebola.

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