New Dogs & Old Tricks

I have friends in Corporate America. Some of the younger ones are making a killing, but they hate the culture they're thriving in. Some of my older friends have lived the full spectrum of this and are now being put out to pasture. Just as old horses that no longer provide value are sent to graze in a pasture until they die, older employees are often laid off just for being old. It's not that they don't still have wisdom to give, it's that they lack a young, fresh energy.  (And yes, they're probably banking glory days wages for days that are far beyond glorious).

What if there was a way to blend the old and wise with the new and fresh? Humility on both parts seems to be the answer.

Greg Popovich and the San Antonio Spurs are a great example of this. To the younger generation, the Spurs seem old and boring. They rarely make the headlines for anything other than winning. That's right....only winning.  Greg Popovich is old and crotchety. He's an old school guy, and he yells at his players. He actually yells at everyone. And most of the media is scared to ask him questions. It's pretty doggone hilarious. The Spurs might be a little older in the world of NBA players, but in the grand scheme of life, the Spurs' players are young. They're young and strong because they have to be in order to engage in the physicality that it takes to go up against guys like LeBron James and Kevin Durant. But they're also operating under the meticulous tutelage of an old schooler in Popovich. You can see them working out his master plan to perfection. The result is a group of slightly less athletic guys beating the pants off of younger and more athletically talented teams.  

What if the best young talent in the world (the Lebrons, Durants and Blake Griffins) could submit themselves to the old wisdom of a guy like Popovich? I think they'd be unstoppable. At SuNica we've got the new dogs but none of the old tricks. And we're humble enough to admit that it'd be nice to have a Popovich guiding our steps. What if our organizations could somehow mash together the young and fresh with the old and wise in mutual humility? I think we could crush it, both in the nonprofit sectors and otherwise.

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