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Is that a real job?

People ask me that sometimes, but I'm not offended. Honestly, running SuNica is something I wish I could do as a hobby. In fact, I tried it, but God wouldn't let me. It's not that I don't love it. I absolutely do. I'm just the kind of guy that likes to do everything. You can ask my wife. She both loves and rues this part of me — leaning on the side of rue. If I could stop time and work an extra 12 hours a day, I'd have two more jobs and four more hobbies.

I'd probably start a chain of upscale thrift stores, learn more about technology or even develop a business in the third world. A guy's gotta have priorities though, and when it comes to helping people thrive, I'm sold out to Nicaragua at the moment.

It's a fun job. Breakfast with a volunteer, a team meeting with staff on the ground, then off to lunch with a potential donor. The afternoon may include a bit of web-campaign work followed by planning an event. An evening board meeting via Google Hangouts with folks from Nicaragua, Raleigh and Seattle might cap off the night. And then it's back at it the next day.  

The truth is, you just can't do a good job of something part time, especially if you're building it from scratch.  It's an all or nothing thing. Sure, the income stream might take a hit (ie: a bank would never have loaned me a dime during the past two years). But if SuNica's responsible for even one kid's life changing for the better (which I can already attest to), it's all worth it.

The job's worth it.    


Alan Wilser
SuNica CEO 


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