The Week of SuLove

Hey friends. Founder Alan Wilser here.

There are a million ways to show someone that you love em. Let's take our donors for example. I wish I could get rich and buy them all a home in the south of France, but that would be outrageous. Instead, SuNica's decided to stay within its budget and send them an e-card and put together a little V-day surprise.

That surprise is scheduled to arrive on Friday via email. If you're not on our email list, you'd better get that handled by Friday, or you'll miss the surprise! You can sign up at the bottom of any page of our website, which you're probably already at if you're reading this blog.

SuLove is all about our supporters and the fine bunch they are. Stay tuned to the Facebook page this week and next for a smorgasbord of props to some of the people who really helped us move the needle this past year. We love you!   

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