The Short Term Mission Trip - Remixed

The short term mission trip.  What's the point? Why are we going? And what will we do? Well, us at SuNica have been talking about this for about two years now.

SuNica launched itself anew into the nonprofit world in September 2013, and we embark today on our first group trip since a whirlwind of changes, new initiatives, and new staff. I'm not talking about change in the mission itself, but more in the philosophy by which we'll move that mission forward.

SuNica's staff has been privy to at least 100 or more short-term mission trips, and we've seen them done poorly, sometimes even by our own fault. We've been a part of projects just for the sake of having a project. You see, we've learned that often times, projects completed over the course of a week-long mission trip benefit us more than the people we think we're serving. It's been a year and a half since we last hosted one, and we're finally ready to have another go at it.

What's different? For starters, we won't be doing a project. No. Not even one.

This entire trip will be about experience, observation and simply being. We want the ten or so folks joining us this week to get a good feel for the country of Nicaragua, it's people and its culture. We want them to see some of our partnerships in action. We want them to meet our local staff and the children for whom we're working tirelessly to educate and disciple. We want this group to have fun and engage in the natural beauty, the wild wonder of this great country.

No. We won't bring about any major change during this week, but perhaps we'll become more equipped to do just that. The real point of this trip is not what we'll do over the next 168 hours. It's what we'll do when we get back.

Alan Wilser
SuNica CEO

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