Ungrateful was the Serpent


Just last week, we asked our church to list the top three worst sins in terms of severity. As you might have expected, murder topped the list.  

But what would you say to the claim that ungratefulness is the worst sin? It sounds crazy, right? Well, let’s think about the essence of ungratefulness real quick. 


-- Ungratefulness assumes an utmost sense of self-importance.

-- Ungratefulness indicates one’s refusal or inability to acknowledge anything that’s been done for or given to him/her.

-- Ungrateful was the serpent that said, “Did God really say that? God is holding out on you and doesn't want you to know what He knows. You don't have to be thankful to Him. If you eat the apple, you'll be like Him!” 


Thankfulness at its core is the recognition that someone has given you something that you didn’t earn. At SuNica, we feel our entire organization is born out of thanksgiving. Not the holiday, but the very notion of thanksgiving. Our mission in Nicaragua came from the idea that we have been rescued from the futility of our lives and given a great hope and a future. 

In response to this liberation, we say thanks and seek to serve the world in the name of Jesus. Gratefulness is even at the core of our name, SuNica, which means “His Nicaragua.”  I mean, it is God's Nicaragua after all.  He built it; he owns it, and for some reason unbeknownst to us, he’s called us to give it some special love during our short tenure here on earth.  

Our Thrive campaign is an extension of this thankfulness. I'm thankful that God created me to thrive rather than just survive. That he's called me to help others thrive in His name. We're thankful that we get to give our lives to helping Nicaraguans thrive. It's our thankful response to the loving embrace that led us to follow Christ in the first place. 

May we remember this embrace of grace as we break bread with our loved ones this Thanksgiving. After all, isn't it His grace that's the ultimate thing for which we're to be thankful?

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