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The kids from El Limonal get a special day of fun and discipleship at the waterpark. 

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The whole SuNica crew pulls together to do some landscaping, building, and (of course) dancing at the community center.

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This week’s Heart of SuNica video features a song and a special guest that many of you should know very well.  Our very own Betty Pease sheds some light on what the song that we sing before every meal means to our SuNica family, and if you’ve ever come to visit our team down in Nicaragua you should know exactly what song we’re talking about!  If not the lyrics are written below so you can sing along.  

Also you might be wondering what’s with all the glow stick glasses and tie-dyed headbands, well this video was taken during our staff’s end of the year 70’s & 80’s themed party that was out of this world! 

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Trips to the forest are usually filled with singing worship by the campfire, sharing testimonies during mealtimes, and going on hikes to discover all of the beauties hidden deep within the forest.  It’s amazing to see the bonds that are made between the leaders and our staff there, (and some of the silliness that ensues when our staff is shooting a video!) and all of the fun memories that are made!   

Here's a video from Esmirna with some of the fun!

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Hector's using Futbol as a teaching tool for the kids at the El Limonal Community Center, teaching technique, teamwork and.... DISCIPLINE!

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Our Water and Sanitation team is gearing up to build modern bathrooms in El Porvenir. And just like your favorite college or NFL team, practice is a crucial element for game day performance. 

That's why Shanghai, Chino, Roger, Don Yamil, and Soza are "scrimmaging" by building a prototype bathroom for a lady who's extra special to the organization - none other than SuNica-favorite Cony!

Cony's been an important member of our SuNica family for years, since Josh and Betty first set foot in Nicaragua! Her fiery spirit and ability to make anyone feel welcome makes her one of our many ’SuNica moms’, caring for both our staff and mission teams. If you've been down to Nica, chances are you shared a Coca-Cola with Cony, tasted some of her amazing food, or heard her sing along to some Donna Summers!  (FUN FACT: Musically, Cony is stuck in the 70’s!)  

But when she needed to move back to Bethel a year ago, she left behind showers and flushing toilets at the SuNica house, and returned to outhouses and bathing out of a wash tub…just filling buckets with water and dumping them on herself.    

That'll all change once Team SuNica finishes work at her house - Cony will have a hygienic modern bathroom, while our staff kicks-off the full-scale project in El Porvenir. There are already several families who're committed to building a bathroom and improving the health of their community, with many more to follow. 

And thanks to lessons learned at Conny's, our guys are ready to execute a winning game plan!

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(AKA - "The most fun you can have at a morning meeting!")

SuNica’s team in Nicaragua has a lot on their plate these days. They’re the ones Discipling kids, training up communities on how to run a water project, or working on the El Limonal community center. The recent unrest has added additional challenges to their ability to perform the work, but they’ve pressed on and really Thrived through the adversity. They’ve taken on new leadership roles, continue to engage with kids right where they are, and even completed the San Carlos water project!

A big part of that is thanks to the SuNica-culture that’s been carefully established over the last several years. And at the center of it is something that a lot of us dread…


But we do it a little different in Nicaragua. As you’ll see in the video, after the entire staff gathers together, the very first thing they do is play a game. In this case it’s the old favorite Bananagrams!

Once everybody’s wide awake and engaged from the fun, it’s time for the devotional. The team takes turns leading, with recent topics including  “poverty vs. riches”, “how our pain can be perceived by others”, and “trust”. After that, Josh poses a big question - “Where did you see God this week?”

Everyone then shares inspirational observances from their daily lives, or powerful stories from the communities where they’re serving. Sometimes the answers are less direct, or ends up being more about where we -haven’t- seen God throughout the week. This part of the meeting can go for hours as the team digs deep, and it’s a big part of what makes these Monday morning so powerful. Plus they eat breakfast together!

And then, following the fun, conversation, and breakfast, it’s down to business. Who’s going to what community? How do we figure out transportation, or discussions about our latest building projects. These days the Discipleship Staff is ramping up to serve a fourth community of kids in San Carlos. And the Water & Sanitation Team has started building Modern Bathrooms in El Porvenir while laying the community groundwork for the Salinas Grande water project.

So if you haven’t already, check out the video for a behind the scenes peek… and be sure to share pics if you decide to open your next staff meeting with Bananagrams!