Why Nicaragua? 

Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, behind Haiti. Fewer than 40% of students who are of high school age actually graduate from high school, and nearly half of rural Nicaraguans live without access to an Improved Water Source. Seeing these statistics lived out, we've felt the greatest burden for people’s health, education and lack of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, especially among the youth. 

This led us to a mission:  Helping Nicaraguans thrive through education, clean water and discipleship.

Jesus spoke deeply into the spiritual needs of his audience. He called people to follow him and to make disciples. It's a charge that is simple, yet incredibly profound. We do water and education projects, but it’s all about creating disciples of Jesus.


What Can You Do?

Simple. Donate, support our fundraising campaigns, come on a SuNica trip, host a party or put on any type of campaign that your creative mind can imagine. Email megan@sunica.org to find out how you can connect with our latest campaigns and projects. We can't do this without you, so please, do what you can!