Why a Community Center?

Graphic of SuNica Community Center

For seven years SuNica has been mentoring kids in El Limonal, a trash-dump community. Yes, El Limonal literally grew out of the Chinandega municipal dump, where desperate families survive by picking through trash. El Limonal kids getting mentored are making huge strides compared to those without support. But to help someone escape from poverty this deep, we need a commitment that’s even deeper. SuNica needs to show that it will be in El Limonal for the long-haul––to become a part of the community. That’s why we need a Community Center.

The stress of living in extreme poverty––broken relationships, sickness, addiction, depression, abuse, neglect––condemns kids to the same future. Because how can a normal kid succeed when she has to deal with all of that?

SuNica sends mentors out every week to encourage kids in their lives and education. And It’s working. Kids are staying in school. They’re healthier. More hopeful.

But it won’t be enough to get all of our kids across the finish line. One time a week, kicking a ball in the street and trying to find a random corner for a heart-to-heart isn’t enough to make up for six days of darkness. These kids need a safe place to get nurturing and joy all week long. They need this Community Center.

Having a physical space will anchor SuNica’s work in El Limonal and deepen our capacity to nurture these precious kids spiritually and physically. It will be a safe environment for children to play every weekday afternoon. It’s a place where our mentors can teach and where we can host a professional counselor, to talk through some of the difficult things that our kids are dealing with, including domestic and sexual violence. The center will enrich existing programs and open a world of new possibilities, including:

  • Young Life’s weekly club
  • SuNica’s Soccer League
  • SuNica’s weekly programming, including bible studies
  • School plays (check out the stage!)
  • Vocational training
  • Perhaps even a church (God willing)

Seeing the crushing poverty in El Limonal was what kickstarted SuNica, because we believe Jesus hates for even one of His children to suffer this way. And we are committed to doing everything we can to make sure not one of our kids is lost. This Community Center could be the key. Help us, by giving to The List this Christmas.

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