Su Nica Overview from Josh Hancock on Vimeo.


SuNica's story begins in 2005, when Josh Pease and Betty Guiterrez-Martinez met as they were both serving the same nonprofit in Nicaragua. When Josh returned to the States he eventually hooked up with Alan Wilser and in 2007, the two dropped their day jobs for what turned out to be the most formative year of their lives. After witnessing seemingly hopeless poverty and an overwhelming need for Christ, they knew they couldn't go back to their old lives back home. They kept returning to Nicaragua whenever they could, trying to make an impact over the course of weekend or week-long journeys. 

In 2009 they began to call this initiative SuNica. SuNica is a name that embodies the idea that Nicaragua is Your Nicaragua, or better yet, it’s God’s Nicaragua and we should care for it as such. Our vision is to see Nicaraguans thrive through access to clean water, education, and to economic opportunities. We also seek to develop creative leaders through Christian discipleship, who pour themselves back into their communities.

In the summer of 2013, the SuNica team of Alan, Josh and Betty (all married with kids now, Josh & Betty to each other), went all in, converting their "nights-and-weekends" kind of gig into a fulltime effort. Alan sold his landscaping business to serve as SuNica's Executive Director and Josh and Betty moved to Nicaragua with their daughter Andrea as SuNica's in-country project managers. You can learn more about SuNica's founders on our The Team page.