Sacred Forest Coffee - Story behind the Story

As long as SuNica’s been on mission in Nicaragua - we’ve had the dream to jump into the economic flow of things. And guess what?


Introducing Sacred Forest Coffee! Our in-house brand is grown at the Sacred Forest Preserve and Coffee Farm. Now just to clarify, the main function of this 150 acre mountain property is actually youth Discipleship, but the name was already getting long!

SuNica is honored to be gifted the Sacred Forest from the esteemed Jim and Sarah Hornsby. And though they will hate this accolade, we must give them proper credit for the incredible work they’ve done for the Kingdom of Jesus over their 80 years on earth.

For the past several years, the Hornsbys have been buying rainforest covered land in the mountains outside of Matagalpa, seeking to preserve and restore a portion of God’s beauty in creation. They have been looking hard for a group to carry on that vision. And so the torch of stewardship has been passed to SuNica.

We will protect, maintain, and restore the property in a way that will make the Hornsbys proud. It’s already being used as a wilderness Discipleship retreat for the kids in our program as well as our staff! The ancient Christian practice of stepping back from day-to-day life to seek the Lord in the wilderness has already proved life-altering for many of these youngsters, and we have BIG plans on how to enhance that experience going forward. 

Additionally, the land already has 6.4 acres of premium red caturra coffee beans thriving, with space to plant another five. Coffee that will help SuNica take a huge step toward making a positive economic impact in Nicaragua. 

Most humans try to divorce business and ministry. In fact, they divorce everything from ministry, to the point where the spiritual things happen on Sunday mornings, and possibly once more a week. Ministry is one thing and grocery shopping, or your job is another. But I can’t help wondering how many of us have our greatest spiritual learning moments in one of those in-between times? 

The spiritual and physical things in life are scarcely separable. You want to box them up and YOU DO!! But the delineations are only in our heads. 

Example: You got in a fight with your spouse this morning. The spiritual and the physical version of you was involved in that debate. In the Judeo-Christian worldview - we’re all spiritual beings in physical bodies. You might try to ignore that or live as if it’s not true, but your spiritual being is involved in EVERY aspect of your life. I don’t think Jesus, when caught off-guard with a Torah question, would have said “easy freak, no shop-talk during lunch."

Here’s the thing. SuNica’s Discipleship programming is amazing. It’s helping kids see everything as a part of God’s Kingdom, and they’re learning how they can follow Christ in their own context. We’re also working to create capacity within these kids, mentoring and showing them that they can be more than the circumstances where they started.  

But Nicaragua isn’t a place bursting with avenues for this expanded capacity. 

And that’s where the coffee comes in. On a surface level, a coffee business helps our ministry become a little more sustainable, but it’s so much more than that. This venture will create jobs, both directly through SuNica and also from Matagalpa to Leon where the coffee will be transported, roasted, and shipped. 

In the end, it’s all about opportunity. It’s a city kid from El Limonal with a passion for agriculture to get his hands dirty in the fertile mountain soil. Perhaps it’s a girl in Salinas putting her accounting skills to use by facilitating logistics. And of course it's a chance for us to do our small part to help Nicaragua’s economy grow, one bag at a time. 

But it all starts with the SuNica faithful buying coffee. 

Try a bag or set up a subscription today at

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