Resiliency and Results!

Things are slowly settling into a “new normal” in Nicaragua. There are still occasional protests in the streets, as well as sporadic outbursts of violence, but for now the widespread chaos from a few months ago has largely passed.

Through all of these hard times, we could not be more proud of our local staff. This talented group of Nicaraguans has weathered the storm in remarkable and resilient fashion. And despite the trials faced, the past months have brought incredible successes, too.

Anybody who’s ever tackled a big home project knows that sometimes getting those final steps done is the hardest part. But that didn’t stop our Water and Sanitation Team. They stepped up, completed, and then CELEBRATED Turning On The Water in San Carlos and Los Mangos! And now there’s almost 700 people who never have to go thirsty again. God is good!

Also in San Carlos, a certain rock-star Discipleship Coordinator is taking the first steps toward expanding our Discipleship program into that community - organizing small group discussions, and starting some of the older kids down the path of becoming volunteer leaders in their community. This was all of his own initiative. In fact, we only found out about it after seeing pictures posted to SuNica's behind-the-scenes Flickr site!

Meanwhile in El Limonal, the Community Center is in use almost every day, and continues to get the needed touches to make it even more awesome. There’s now lines on the court and doors on the storage area! But one of the coolest new features has got to be the giant nets recently installed. The Community Center sits above a river, and with the amount of soccer happening up there, you wouldn’t believe how often the ball ended up in the water... But not anymore!

One of our university students in Salinas Grande comes from a family of fishermen. As you might imagine, these guys spend a lot of time mending fishing nets. In an incredible display of our communities coming together to serve each other, one day a few of these fishermen traveled up from Salinas Grande to El Limonal and spent the day weaving and installing an amazing net around the court. Now the ball stays on the field, the kids stay out of the contaminated river, and the fishermen made a little extra money. Everyone wins!

And just last month, our local director Josh and his family returned to Nicaragua. They’d spent a few months out of country, splitting time between the US and Chile, as detailed HERE. One of the biggest things Josh is stressing to the team is that he’s NOT taking back every single one of the responsibilities that used to be his. This not only challenges our staff to keep growing, but also increases capacity for the entire organization.

There’s lots more exciting things on the horizon in the weeks and months ahead. Thanks for being on this journey with us, and stay tuned for more!


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