The Real Indiana Jones

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.  Proverbs 27:17
What a great and true statement. Only a year ago, SuNica was just a band of misfit toys fighting to help a mid-sized community in Nicaragua get access to a full-scale and sustainable clean water solution. As of today, that dream is all but realized, and we’ve held hands with the people of El Porvenir and watched the kids dancing with their clothes soaked as clean water gushed from a pipe for the first time.  
The timing was heavenly as we happened to be hosting Jim Hocking, founder of Water For Good, for a few days in Nicaragua. Jim is like the godfather of sustainable water work. He's a guy that cares about the whole picture, from providing water, to sharing the gospel and ensuring that maintenance plans are in place to keep projects running for many years into the future. We had the opportunity to Turn On The Water in a new section of El Porvenir while Jim was there. He couldn’t help but get his hands dirty flushing lines and watching the kids and parents alike turning on their three-quarter inch spigots for the first time. It was pure joy to watch the smiles.
As we broke bread together that night, reveling in the day’s glory, we were able to hear more of Jim’s story and take in some great advice from a man who’s lived it so much longer than we have.
Perhaps we remain misfits, but so was Peter many years ago, when the Lord gave him the keys to the kingdom. I suppose we’re in good company. Many thanks to our friend Doug and Hope Community Church for setting up this consultation!
As we continue on with this wild adventure that is SuNica, we pray that God continues to put great mentors like Jim along our path. The need is too great, and the stakes too high to believe we can make the difference on our own.
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