By justin_biegler | Fri September 28, 2018

Our Water and Sanitation team is gearing up to build modern bathrooms in El Porvenir. And just like your favorite college or NFL team, practice is a crucial element for game day performance. 

That's why Shanghai, Chino, Roger, Don Yamil, and Soza are "scrimmaging" by building a prototype bathroom for a lady who's extra special to the organization - none other than SuNica-favorite Cony!

Cony's been an important member of our SuNica family for years, since Josh and Betty first set foot in Nicaragua! Her fiery spirit and ability to make anyone feel welcome makes her one of our many ’SuNica moms’, caring for both our staff and mission teams. If you've been down to Nica, chances are you shared a Coca-Cola with Cony, tasted some of her amazing food, or heard her sing along to some Donna Summers!  (FUN FACT: Musically, Cony is stuck in the 70’s!)  

But when she needed to move back to Bethel a year ago, she left behind showers and flushing toilets at the SuNica house, and returned to outhouses and bathing out of a wash tub…just filling buckets with water and dumping them on herself.    

That'll all change once Team SuNica finishes work at her house - Cony will have a hygienic modern bathroom, while our staff kicks-off the full-scale project in El Porvenir. There are already several families who're committed to building a bathroom and improving the health of their community, with many more to follow. 

And thanks to lessons learned at Conny's, our guys are ready to execute a winning game plan!