Project Breakdown


There is an extraordinary amount of evil that is constantly trying to derail the lives of the kids in this community. That evil looks like drug addiction, secondary school drop-outs, hopelessness, and fatherlessness.


We’re combating evil in kid's lives through Christian mentorship, emotional and academic support, and fun times! The Limonal Community Center is providing a safe place for kids to be kids and for us to support and disciple these kids every day.


When kids get the Gospel, their motivation and zest for life will surge. They’ll stay in school. New leaders will rise up. It will change the trajectory of the lives of thousands of Nicaraguans. That’s what Jesus does.


You have been a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in their distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. (Isaiah 25:4)

Get Involved

The two biggest needs in El Limonal are the Community Center and Child Sponsorships.

- Child Sponsorships provide funding for our Education and Discipleship program. Learn more at!

- The Limonal Community Center is nearly finished!  However, this incredible structure will not be complete without the programming that will take place everyday for these kids! To support us in nurturing kids with the gospel and good times, make a donation towards the "Limonal Community Center". The programming, staffing, equipment, and upkeep are very important to make this place great! (Designate your gift in the donate page dropdown menu.)

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