Leading The Way In Salinas

For starters, if there’s one thing you need to know about Junior, it’s this - he’s the bomb! 

Junior has worked with us as a volunteer leader since 2015 when SuNica's Discipleship and Education program launched in Salinas. And now we can’t imagine doing our job without him. 

If one of our SuNica staff members gets sick and can’t make it that week, Junior picks up the slack. 

If it's getting tough to carry games and supplies back and forth by motorcycle from SuNica’s Leon HQ down the long dirt roads to Salinas, Junior will volunteer to keep everything safe at his house, and not misplace any pieces - no small feat with 4 younger siblings! 

Though on first meeting him, you might describe Junior as a gentle giant, don’t mistake his humble nature as timidness.

A situation recently flared up, centering around a pick-up soccer match. Tensions were rising between some of our students and leaders and a group of older boys in the community. Imagine that - boys taking sports just a little too seriously ;) 

But even as the disagreement got more heated and threatened to grow beyond the soccer field, Junior stepped up. With a few stern words, he calmed the tempers of our students and leaders, guiding our group away before things escalated any further. Once clear of the conflict, Junior got everyone talking, going over what had happened and how to better respond in the future, and by his actions showed our kids an incredible example of peace-making. 

It’s that meekness, power under control, and genuine friendliness that makes Junior as equally suited to helping a 10-year-old girl with math homework as he is coaching a 15-year-old boy through a tough situation at home. His strength is also readily apparent in the schedule he keeps - fishing Monday through Thursday to support his family, leading his SuNica group on Friday, and attending University all day Saturday down the road in Leon. He’s studying to be an Engineer, a perfect fit for one of our favorite people.

From the whole team, thanks, Junior! We couldn’t do it without you!

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