Got Land?


"Fifty-thousand dollars," He says.

This is the price the gentleman wants for a flat, ole piece of land with zero infrastructure.

$50,000 is more than triple what the property is worth. But, hey. His land. His price. If he doesn’t wanna sell, that’s his prerogative, right?

But it's still a bummer. We've had our eye on this piece of property for our El Limonal Rec Center for at least 18 months, and when the time came — the moment of truth...Boom! There we were, sitting in a nice air-conditioned office with an old-money businessman being quoted an unreasonable price. It’s one of those moments that you come to expect. That moment when Plan A is scratched off the list.

In a quick pivot and an afternoon’s time, we discovered a few solid options around town. Jhony - our trusty Nicaraguan consigliere  - immediately embarked on a journey to find the owners of two new plots of terrain for the El Limonal Community Center.

A week later, Jhony had found the audience of a distinguished lady from the bustling town of Chinandega (4th largest city in Nicaragua). Upon hearing an explanation of what we wanted to do with the property, the lady indicated she didn’t really want to sell it.

Uh oh. Here we go again.

But, wait! She went on to say that the merit of the project had inspired her.

Mystery lady tells us she'd been on her knees routinely for some time at 4:30 am in the morning asking the Lord to send her folks to help her serve Him better.

She viewed us as the answer to that prayer. And that’s the short version folks. We have our land and we have it under budget!

Praise the Lord because he always makes a way!

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