The Finishing Touches on Community Center

Did you have a favorite place growing up? Maybe it was a beloved teacher’s classroom, or a ball field, playground, or even your own backyard.

Here’s another question - How different of a person would you be without that place to learn, have fun, and just be a kid? What skills, talents, and gifts do you use today that might never have been discovered without that environment to grow up in?

SuNica is working hard to create that favorite place for the children of El Limonal. Construction began 9 weeks ago on a Community Center to serve these kids. When it’s finished, there will be a shaded soccer field, a stage for musical and dance performances, and plenty of space for help with homework and discipleship — a favorite place for a group of God’s children who just need a little boost.

Together we raised almost 90% of the anticipated project costs during our The List campaign in 2016, and now we’re focusing on the last $40,550 necessary to complete the Limonal Community Center!

Wait, $40,550? Didn’t The List fall short by around $21,000? What gives?

Once SuNica secured the Community Center property (read about the incredible way God made that happen) and things started falling into place, we realized we’d made one significant oversight when dreaming up the project - The Perimeter Chain-link Fence.

Theft, particularly those of a crime-of-opportunity nature, is one of the more significant issues in Limonal. That’s why we’ll have a security guard at the Community Center 24 hours a day, and why we knew we needed a fence in the first place.

But as we’ve continued to work in Limonal, we realized a fence isn’t a great solution. They can be easily cut and slowly dismantled, piece by piece. For example, the local school deals with making fence repairs seemingly on a weekly basis.  

And though it comes with a higher initial investment, a wall solves that concern. It also makes a statement of SuNica’s long-term mission of serving the people of Limonal, showing Jesus’s love to Nicaragua, and our commitment to providing those kids with a favorite place.

Help us make it happen. Donate today and help us Complete the Limonal Community Center!

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