The Fabric of Humanity

The Fabric of Humanity

Relationships. Almost every human action can be boiled down to a relationship, even the most seemingly selfish acts. A guy starts a fight in a bar over the affection of a girl. A teenager turns to drug use to cope with a parent's abandonment. A mother passes on a major promotion to raise her young children.


Everyday we make decisions influenced by relationships. They are the most important aspect of our lives. Have you ever wondered why we hold relationships in such high regard? Or why we feel a pang of nostalgia when we witness a family or a close group of friends laughing together?


The same being who created mountains, oceans, galaxies, and puppies created billions of people whom he loved. And he instilled in each the desire to connect and form relationships with Himself and each other. You could say that forming relationships with God and everyone around us is the truest purpose of our lives.


God created us to build relationships with each other. He instilled a longing in us to venture out, meet new people, and love them wholeheartedly. This idea always makes us think about why mission trips are so awesome. They give us the platform to act out God's call to form relationship and make disciples!


You see, mission trips aren’t just about building a house or cleaning up a school; they aren’t just about completing a project. Instead, mission trips are about forming relationships and walking by faith with those new friends in an effort to know God more.


So this is your invitation. Join SuNica in Nicaragua for a short term mission. It will be a week full of experiencing new culture, taking new leaps of faith, and creating new relationships. You’ll have the chance to truly get to know SuNica’s staff and even some of the folks that we serve. And those relationships you make on a SuNica trip will transform your heart, lasting into eternity…


posted by SuNica intern Mikaela Kuhnel

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