Empower to the People - Part 1

El Porvenir's Turn on the Water 1st Anniversary Celebration

Measuring a water project’s success strictly by the numbers doesn’t tell the whole story. We’re not saying that clean and easily accessible water isn’t hugely important — it is! — but there’s another factor that goes into filing a project in the win column.

In the summer of 2016, you helped us Turn on the Water in El Porvenir. Your support funded 90% of the project costs. The citizens of El Porvenir did their part by digging all the trenches, installing over 3 kilometers of water main and service lines to each of the community’s 135 homes, and investing their own money toward that last 10% of the project’s budget.

And once the water was flowing, we handed everything over to the citizens of El Porvenir. SuNica spent almost two years building up the community’s ability to make this a sustainable project (read more about that HERE! ) and now it was up to them to take the baton and run.

One year had passed when SuNica HQ received a call from El Porvenir with an unexpected request; bring your staff to the village this Saturday for a surprise. Not sure what to expect, Josh and a group of our staff arrived to find themselves in the middle of a celebration.

The citizens of of El Porvenir, entirely of their own initiative, had organized a community-wide party to commemorate Turn on the Water’s First Anniversary. They’d set up tables and temporary canopies for shade. Some had used their talents to cook lunch and desserts, while others entertained with their musical gifts. They played games, the kids busted open a pinata, and held a prize raffle. They even awarded two free months of water to an older gentleman who’d been the most prompt paying his bill. And they praised God for being a good Father and Provider for all His children.

Our team looked around and realized that this is what success truly looked like. This was about more than just clean water. The people of El Porvenir now carried a new purpose, fresh confidence, and one more thing that’s tough to learn without someone there to give you a boost -


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