Discipleship in 2018!


February marks the start of Nicaragua's school year, and everyone in the SuNica tribe is pumped for 2018!


There's a ton of momentum in Salinas - so much cool stuff is happening that it's hard to pinpoint what everyone's most excited about!

Last week a group of our Volunteer Leaders and SuNica staff participated in a Cleanup Salinas Day. They worked together picking up trash and, as they moved through the community cracking jokes and singing songs, experienced the joy in serving!

A big initiative is underway to train up our next group of Volunteer Leaders, and we've got no shortage of kids ready to take that next step! The Boy's group is reading through individual books of the Bible together, while the Girls are doing a book study about living as Christian women. Through these conversations and studies, it’s easy to see our Pre-Leaders grow week-to-week in maturity and faith.

And our seven 2017 high school graduates are charging forward, continuing with their education at nearby universities. Whether they realize it or not, these young people are quickly becoming role models for everyone in our Salinas program. One is studying to be a nurse, another a teacher, and a whole group are pursuing accounting degrees - all while participating in Pre-Leader training!


It's a lot easier to say what's got everyone's attention in El Limonal, because every day the Community Center is closer to completion! The concrete for the Futsal Court will be poured by March, with the Stage and Bleachers close behind.

Not like any of that has stopped our Discipleship kids from already using the facility! Any spot where there's not active construction usually has kids kicking soccer balls, climbing lime trees, or reading with their small groups in the shade.

Pre-Leader training is happening in Limonal, too. The commitment and real ownership that's blossoming in our older kids is shaping them in incredible ways, and setting a great example for the youngest ones in the program.


2018 will be the first full year of Discipleship in Porvenir! The program's only been running since last Summer, but we can already see a difference in attitudes and demeanor among the kids. They're more bought-in with each session as our staff and Volunteer Leaders build them up through play and prayer.

The Porvenir Volunteer Leaders are a shining example of how anyone, no matter the circumstance, can be a follower of Jesus. Most of these young adults spend long days harvesting sugar cane and bananas, while the rest chase their dreams in college classrooms (including one face you'll recognize from 2017's The List video!).

Despite fatigue from field work and studies, not to mention the long bus rides from the plantations and universities, these Volunteer Leaders are present every week to encourage and guide their groups through day to day life. And in less than a year, the growth in these leaders and in the kids they serve is already plain to see!

Whew! Our Discipleship kids are covering a lot of new ground in 2018. We know God is doing big things and we can't wait to see what's in store for the year ahead. Thanks to all of you for being on this Mission with us!


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