Clean Water for Los Mangos, Pt. II

Don Toño is 75 years old and has lived in Los Mangos for almost 50 of them. His well is one of the few that doesn't dry up, and he's shared water with his neighbors for years during the dry season's peak.  

But even when they weren't dried up, the contaminated wells left Don Toño and his community in a constant state of illness. Not an ideal situation, and far from what God desires for His people.

When Los Mangos learned about the water project happening down the road, they thought there was no way San Carlos would agree to extend their system. Imagine their surprise and joy for the answered prayers when San Carlos said "Yes!"

This wasn't charity, but rather a partnership. The people of Los Mangos would be just as responsible for the project's construction and long-term success as San Carlos - they'd have to build and be a part of the Water and Sanitation Committee.

And Los Mangos hasn't disappointed. As soon as construction started, it’s been all hands on deck! Every family in the community, fathers and mothers and children, have spent time digging trenches and installing water pipes, along with bringing other skills to the project - like Rolando Olivas. He's a construction foreman from Los Mangos, and Rolando's volunteering his time to build the pump house.

More than most, 75 year old Don Toño recognizes both the expense necessary to conduct a project like this and also the incredible opportunity. That's why he's been out there with the work crews, shoveling alongside people generations younger whenever he's needed.  

Once the water turns on, while he'll no longer need to provide his neighbors with water from his contaminated well, Don Toño will still be giving back to his village. How? By acting as Los Mango's representative on the Water Committee, using the blessings of clean water as a new tool with which to serve.

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