Clean Water for Los Mangos, Pt. I

It's tough to find something a whole town can agree on. But when your water supply is contaminated, making everybody sick, and the supply slows to a trickle every summer, there's an easy consensus to reach -

We need clean water, and we'll do whatever it takes to get it!!

That's the conclusion Los Mangos, a small Nicaraguan village, reached when they learned SuNica was working with their neighbors in San Carlos on a clean water solution.

If you've been following SuNica, you already know this part of the story: 2016's Turn on the Water campaign funded approximately 10 km of pipe, pumps, tanks, and all the design necessary to build a water system. Meanwhile, in San Carlos they were organizing themselves into work teams, and  jumping through the bureaucratic hoops necessary to form a Water and Sanitation Committee.

SuNica staff has been side-by-side with them every step of the way, but a big part of sustainability is for the community to take real and full ownership of the project. That's why, when the residents of Los Mangos came forward to request the water system be expanded to connect in their village, it wasn't SuNica’s decision to make; it was San Carlos's.

Connecting in Los Mangos meant more digging in the hot sun, as well as installing larger, heavier pipes to provide more capacity. The additional work required, not to mention re-designing portions of the system, meant it would also be longer before clean water would flow in San Carlos.

Even with all that in mind, San Carlos showed incredible compassion for their neighbors, agreeing to expand the water system and welcoming Los Mangos to the project!


[Stay tuned for Part II to read how the people of Los Mangos stepped up to make this work happen!]


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