The Byron Story




We get asked every now and then if the kids we serve know whether or not they're sponsored. And while each kid in the program gets almost the exact same treatment and benefits whether or not they are sponsored, perhaps the most impactful thing is whether or not they are.

Byron is a 14 year old student in El Limonal. Like any kid his age, he can sometimes be a rascal, but we’re excited about what God’s up to in his life.

A short while back, our social worker in El Limonal, was asking kids to write letters to their sponsors. Byron, who isn't sponsored insisted on writing a letter. Despite our staff telling him he didn’t have to because he’s not sponsored, he continued to press and wrote his letter.

Because he doesn’t have a sponsor, he decided to write a letter to his Discipleship leader Hector (Byron spelled it 'Ector' if you read below).  You can make out the writing in the picture and if you can follow his Nicaraguan Spanish. Byron tells Hector that he’s like a brother to him. He goes on to express how much he appreciates their time together and he even mentions that he prays to God to take care of Hector, a prayer that Hector has no doubt prayed for Byron many times!

The heart of our Discipleship program is that these kids would feel the love of Christ wrapping them up and telling them that they're loved and that they're good. This happens when a person follows Christ. The world may tell them that they’re nothing, but our Lord Jesus (the ultimate sponsor) says, “you are something.”

Yes. Our kids know if they're sponsored or not. If you've never considered sponsoring a child, then what are you waiting for? Do it! - Sponsor a kid today! And be sure to write them a few times per year at least! Tell that kid that they matter and that you love them!

A little encouragement can make all the difference! 


Disclaimer: Since the writing of this story, Byron did pick up the Discipleship side of his sponsorship. 

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