Broken Bones - David's Story

Jesus has a special love for broken people, both the broken in spirit and the physically broken––the lame and crippled and blind.

That love is the force behind everything SuNica does. And sometimes we get to see His Spirit move so clearly it’s undeniable: like with David.

David lost his confidence when he was 11 years old. He broke his leg playing soccer in El Porvenir. It wasn’t set correctly, and when it healed, David was crippled. He couldn’t run anymore and walked with a limp.

His parents encouraged him to stay in school because they knew it would be his only chance; he could earn only the barest wages as a farm laborer. But his grades always suffered because he never wanted to participate: David was so embarrassed by his disability he would do anything to avoid attention.

Six months ago David joined the discipleship program. He was closed at first. But as Erick opened up the Bible for David and helped him see it as a living guide for life, David was drawn out. He started sharing his new insights with the rest of the group, with all eyes on him, not as a cripple, but as an inspired child of God. Now he speaks up without hesitation.

David’s mom thanked us for giving David his confidence back, but all glory to the Lord. She has noticed the change just in the last six months. He’s more comfortable speaking up at school, and his grades have already improved. When he graduates from high school, David is planning to go a technical school, where he can get skills that will allow him to provide for himself and his family.

We don’t know God’s plans for us. If he hadn’t been hurt, David might have left school years ago, like his younger brother. In the end, it might be that the most unlikely member of the family takes care of them all.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
 - Jesus (from Matthew 5. The Sermon on the Mount)

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