Hey Friends, The Coronavirus has put an end to the 2020 NCAA Tournament, but it WILL NOT put an end to the Salinas Grande Water Project. So many good souls have continued to donate despite the fact that there is no $1,000 prize and there is no basketball. Our hearts are warmed and we are nearing our goal. Your donations no matter how large or small will help us to bring this clean water dream to fruition. Register for BrackeCharity anyway or click the donate button in the upper right hand corner. Blessings all around! You are loved.

-Alan Wilser


We're harnessing the power of March Madness to finish funding our biggest clean water project yet! That, and you could win $1,000 or a trip to Nicaragua!  How??


$1,000 Visa Gift Card goes to the winning bracket and a trip to Nicaragua goes to whoever recruits the most players so call up all your friends, cousins and coworkers! 


A very generous donor has pledged to cover the prizes so every dollar of your registration goes toward funding this project!


460 homes still need to be plumbed into the main water supply. The numbers at this juncture of the project work out almost perfectly such that for every registration, one family gets connected to the grid! In case you don't care to do the math, that means we need just shy of $12,000 to finish!

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How to play:

1. CLICK the 'REGISTER' button above.

2. COMPLETE your registration, then CHECK your email for links to join our ESPN group.

3. FILL OUT your bracket and enjoy the tournament!

4. SHARE IT with your friends to help fund clean water in Salinas!



  1. Multiple Brackets allowed?   Yes! But you need to purchase each entry ($25 each). 
  2. How do I pay for multiple entries?  Use the 'Additional Entries' field at the end of the payment process.
  3. When is the deadline?   Thursday, March 15 @ Noon
  4. Didn't get an automatic email upon registration?  Reach out to [email protected] .