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Clean Water Through Basketball!

We're harnessing the power of March Madness to bring clean water to a Nicaraguan community called Los Mangos and we want you to win up to $5,000! How?

Every registered bracket increases the prize by $5, up to the $5,000 grand prize! And thanks to generous donors, every dollar of your registration goes straight to the project. Hitting 1000 brackets fully funds this work!  

Join us as we write our own Cinderella Story this year - let's bring Clean Water to Los Mangos!

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How to play:

1. CLICK the 'REGISTER' button above.

2. COMPLETE your registration, then CHECK your email for links to join our ESPN group.

3. FILL OUT your bracket and enjoy the tournament!

4. Share it with your friends to up the prize levels and fund clean water in Los Mangos!




  1.  Multiple Brackets allowed?   Yes! But you need to purchase each entry ($25 each). 
  2. How do I pay for multiple entries?  Use the 'Additional Entries' field at the end of the payment process.
  3. When is the deadline?   Thursday, March 15 @ Noon
  4. Didn't get an automatic email upon registration?  Reach out via the contact us page.