Josh & Betty Pease - Local Directors 

 new_pease_family_photo.jpg In 2005, Josh Pease of the US and Betty Gutierrez-Martinez of the long skinny country of Chile, independently came to Nicaragua to work with a small non-profit organization based out of Asheville, NC. They had few goals other than to serve God and get to know the people of the country. Betty taught in a local school and also taught illiterate senior citizens how to read. Josh led building projects, and they both engaged with the local church. The two of them loved Nicaragua and the people they met.

You may have noticed by the photo, that Betty Gutierrez-Martinez became Betty Pease, and her and Josh have made a baby named Andrea. From 2008-2013 they, along with SuNica Executive Director Alan Wilser, lived in NC, but continued visiting Nicaragua frequently while holding normal jobs back home. By the grace of God, their continued engagement with the people of Nicaragua has led to a more concise understanding of the plight of the people and stirred a passion to see folks grow both spiritually and economically.

In September 2013, Josh and Betty moved back to Nicaragua, marking the official full-time launch of SuNica. Now the Peases spend their days spearheading our education and discipleship programs, serving as our lead water project managers and learning to raise a child in Nicaragua. You can learn more about their life in Nicaragua in this blog post written by Josh. 


Alan Wilser & Family- Executive Director

In 2007, Alan left his job as a Project Engineer in Raleigh, NC, and spent most of the year in volunteering with a nonprofit in Nicaragua. His main role was helping a few men improve their small business enterprises. He returned home at the end of 2007 and started a small business of his own, in part to make a living, but more importantly, to learn how to run a business in his own country. In 2012, Alan sold that business and has stepped into the role of Executive Director at SuNica.

Alan is married to his lovely wife Casey and has a 3 year old daughter (Sam) & newborn (Macy). Alan and his family live in Raleigh, NC, and he spends most of his time fundraising, increasing awareness and ensuring that SuNica sticks close to it’s mission.

Alan is a lover of Jesus and the Gospel. He’s an entrepreneurial type and likes to start things from scratch. He’s a hunting, fishing, camping kind of a guy, and his dream is to be dropped out of a helicopter onto a deserted island. If you can hook that up, please contact us.